Your messages, together

Engine is a place to read, organize, and search all of your messages - Facebook, Linkedin, and 24 other platforms.

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Power Your Inbox with Engine

Link Your Data

  • Engine links together all your different applications.
  • Once linked Engine organizes all the information from the different sources.
  • Connect your apps only once and Engine remembers them for future use.

Make Your Email Smarter

  • Review past email interactions without leaving the current email.
  • See who you are talking to. Their name, their picture, email, and past messages.
  • Instantly see Facebook notifications, LinkedIn updates, events, docs and other data related to the current email you are viewing.

Save Your Time

  • Quickly copy and paste text from the Engine sidebar into your reply to maximize email efficiency.
  • Instantly get the context of your email conversations.
  • Never again search for a long ago sent message in some rarely used app.